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Why should you work with ArchExplorer?
By being a part of our community, your work will reach a hundred plus global editorial offices and publishing houses. Better still, our customers get to see your work and it can be licensed in the press and media print and online. And you receive a royalty for every license. You get to be a part of a creative community of award-winning architectural and interior photographers, who are greatly dedicated to their work.

We are connected to a global distribution network PictureMaxx Media – giving contributors greater opportunities to have their content seen and licensed around the world. It is the largest global distribution network in the world and this is where hundreds of publishing houses, editorial offices and media do their research.


Your body of work is accessible to anyone online

Your images are just a few clicks away from being licensed. Our team adds relative keywords and titles to all images and an advance search helps you to search or filter out any metadata in your photographs.

Our strategy for protecting your images as intellectual property

Every work of our creative community is protected by the US Copyright Office. We take copyright protection very seriously and work with copyright law firms to enforce those rights. We use sophisticated image recognition software which quickly helps to find images being used unauthorized (without a proper license or permission) on the web.

Our approach not only protects the rights of our contributors and ArchExplorer, but also serves as a deterrent to others who may infringe on copyright. When infringements are accidental, our policy is to educate the client and turn them into customers through a license. We understand that it can be difficult to determine the legitimacy of a license without extensive research and therefore, our focus is on cases that will likely yield value for us and our contributors.

Takedowns submitted

ArchExplorer serves over 500 customers in the United States and abroad

We have the largest global distribution network – giving you greater opportunities to have your content seen and licensed around the world. Architects, developers, engineers, interior designers, and the architectural press regularly commission our photographers. Images of the most significant new buildings from all over the world are continually added to our collection. Classic modern buildings, historic structures, and all kinds of houses are included in our archive.

Put your Imagery
to work.
Join the community of creatives at ArchExplorer where top designers, architects, media, and leading agencies can see your body of work. Earn royalties every time they license one of your beautiful photographs.
How to apply for contributor

To become a contributor, please submit a work sample to or use the provided form

To help differentiate ArchExplorer in the marketplace and limit duplication of coverage, our editors have a high standard and offer contracts mainly to working photographers.

Please include links to tear sheets, professional references, a number of projects in your archive, and links to your work online. Please do not send jpeg samples or anything attached.
If your work meets our criteria, a Managing Editor will contact you about submission or coverage opportunities.